About Us

UBA Zambia Ltd commenced business in Zambia in the year 2010. A subsidiary of UBA Plc, which is one of the leading and most recognised banks to originate from sub-Saharan Africa.

Decades of uninterrupted banking operations

For more than seven decades, UBA has been providing superior financial services to small businesses, corporations, governments, institutions and individuals globally.  20 African subsidiaries, contributing about 20% of the Group’s balance sheet, with a target of contributing 50%. We’re on a quest to build the strongest domestic and African brand.


United Bank for Africa Zambia (UBAZ) is a subsidiary of UBA Plc a Nigerian based bank with a network of over 700 branches strategically spread across 20 African countries and offices in London, New York, Cayman Island and Dubai.

UBA Zambia Ltd commenced business in January 2010. The Bank is a private limited liability company and is incorporated under the Companies Act, 1994 (as amended) and domiciled in the Republic of Zambia. The Bank is licensed to conduct commercial banking services under the Zambian Banking and Financial Services Act, 1994 (as amended). 

The Bank has a wide branch network with nine branches across Zambia located in; Lusaka, Kitwe, Ndola, Chipata and Solwezi. 



Mission Statement

“We shall be a role model for African businesses by creating superior value for all our stakeholders, abiding by the utmost professional and ethical standards, and building an enduring institution”. Our business decisions shall be driven by the desire to achieve significant value- added for all stakeholders. Integrity and professionalism shall govern the character of our
interactions with all our stakeholders.

We shall put in place governance and strategic management practices that ensure that this organization will successfully anticipate and respond to environmental discontinuities and effectively manage leadership transitions at all levels. We shall be known as an African company that does business in an exemplary manner with best people and world class processes, and strive by our actions to inspire all those we come in contact with.

Core Values

At UBA, we take our corporate culture very seriously and take proactive steps to enshrine it in the hearts of our employees. Our culture is defined by our core values.

  • You must :
    -Own The Task
    -Go The Extra Mile, Solve Problems
    -Show Initiative
    -Break Barriers
  • You must :
    -Be Responsive and Passionate
    -Surpass Customer’s Expectations Always
    -Maintain Quality Standards
    -Be Meticulous-Make It Simple Always
    -Be Professional-Integrity, friendly and Genuine
  • You Must:
    Get it Done
    Get it Done Now
    Get it Done very well
    ..Always Have the End in Mind