Our History

UBA has over 70 years 65 years of providing uninterrupted banking operations, dating back to 1948

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Since its founding in 1948, UBA has been serving the households, businesses and communities of Africa. We delight in providing the best services to our customers.


UBA has over 70 years of providing uninterrupted banking operations, dating back to
1949 when the British and French Bank Limited (BFB) commenced business in Nigeria. BFB was a subsidiary of Banque Nationale de Crédit (BNCI), Paris, which transformed its London branch into a separate subsidiary called the British and French Bank, with shares held by Banque Nationale de Crédit and two British investment firms, S.G. Warburg and Company and Robert Benson and Company.

As a leading Pan-African bank, UBA is very focused on the economic growth and prosperity of the African continent. We know that there is a great deal of potential yet untapped in Africa and we want to keep contributing to the development of our continent. Hence, for over 70 years, the Bank continues to offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to individual, corporate, retail and government agencies through a variety of delivery channels ,our specialized subsidiaries and affiliates companies in the areas of investment banking, retail banking and Private banking. 

Operating in 20 African countries, UBA continues to be a linkage of development between Africa and the rest of the world through our mandate to provide support that facilitates African and global trade.