Corporate Debit Card

The UBA Corporate Debit Card is the easiest way to pay bills and manage corporate business expenses without writing or issuing company cheques, which makes account reconciliation stress-free.

Convenient, safe, cost-effective way to settle corporate expenses

The UBA Corporate Debit Card is the easiest way to pay bills and manage corporate business expenses without writing or issuing company cheques, which makes account reconciliation stress-free.

Itemized Billing / Audit Trail

The Corporate Debit Card can be personalized to the needs of individual cardholders. Corporate organisations can specify limits and choose where cards can be used and accessed. A corporate organisation can have as many corporate debit cards as required. These cards can be used by authorized staff members of the organisation primarily for official business, such as travel and entertainment.



Customized Transaction Limits

Conveniently, this card can be combined with other UBA e-Banking solutions to create a total payment package. Corporate Prepaid Cards, for instance, can be used to complement the Corporate Debit or Lodge Card by managing staff members’ ancillary spending when they’re away on business. A Lodge Card is a special debit card which has been restricted to a specific terminal, such as a POS terminal. It can be used by the admin. department of an organisation to make payments for airline tickets, hotel bills, etc. UBA provides corporate organisations the flexibility to restrict the type of terminals where their Corporate Debit Cards can be used. The card can also be restricted to a specific POS or ATM device thus providing assurance that the card cannot be easily misused.

Features of this Card

The Corporate Debit Card is the easiest way to manage corporate expenses and stay compliant in the new, cash-lite society. It is a debit card linked directly to a corporate account. It is EMV-chip-enabled, secured by a PIN, and can be used to make everyday purchases as well as withdraw money at ATMs.

It can be linked to a corporate account denominated in Naira only
• It requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for all transactions
• It is an EMV-secured microchip and PIN debit card
• Corporate organisations can define transaction restrictions based on terminal type (POS,
ATM, etc.) and amount

• Shape company-wide expenses by choosing how your cardholders (staff) use their cards
• Receive regular Management Information Reports to help you analyze expenses more
• Avoid high foreign exchange costs by choosing to pay in Naira
• Retailer details appear in your statement, so account reconciliation is easier
• There is chip and PIN protection for POS purchases and ATM transactions, VbyV and
SecureCode when buying online

  • Completed and signed board resolution confirming the request and stating the name(s) of
    the cardholder(s)
  • Completed and signed Debit Card application form
    3. Signed indemnity letter in favour of the bank

Using your UBA Card abroad

Looking forward to your next holiday? Of course you are, and it could be much more enjoyable if you take your UBA Debit Card and your Prepaid Card along. Worried about taking your cash around? Don’t be! Our Cards have you covered. Just relax and enjoy all the convenience and security of using your UBA Card to pay for goods and services, just like you do at home. In fact, MasterCard and Visa Debit Cards are accepted at 30 million locations worldwide and you can withdraw cash from any ATM where you see the MasterCard or Visa logo. And very soon, you will also be able to use your Verve Debit Cards at some select ATMs worldwide.

Don’t forget to let us know if your travel plans take you outside Zambia. That way we’ll be expecting to see foreign transactions on your Card, and you can relax, enjoy your holiday and, of course, continue to use your cards for purchases and to withdraw money. If for any reason you are unable to use your card, please contact us immediately by calling our Customer Fulfillment Centre: +260 211 389500

We take a responsible approach to Customers’ money, so we are open about the charges for using your UBA Debit or Prepaid Card abroad.

You can now buy all that your heart desires with your cards. If you are a customer of UBA Zambia, you can spend up to $500, or the equivalent in Kwacha, on your kwacha denominated Debit or Prepaid cards.

K3 will be charged for cash withdrawals from an overseas ATM plus the transaction for the acquirer.

When using a UBA Debit or Prepaid card abroad, watch out for a practice known as dynamic currency conversion where you are given the option of paying for goods and services in either kwacha or the local currency. While this may seem like an appealing proposition, as you’ll know exactly how much you are spending, as a general rule, you should choose to pay in the local currency. This is because many restaurants and retailers may use an unfavourable rate of exchange to convert the price, which means you could end up paying over the odds.

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